BibTeX and LaTeX in TeXShop OS X

  1. create a file (e.g. cites.bib) that will contain the cites
  2. create a cite in cites.bib (you may use as the simple solution)

      AUTHOR = {cb0},
      TITLE = {BibTeX and LaTeX in TeXShop OS X},
      PUBLISHER = {cb0},
      ADDRESS = {Leipzig},
      YEAR = {2009},
    URL = {},
    note = {This is an electronic document.
               Date retrieved: Feburay 22, 2009. Date last modified: Feburay 22, 2009},
    url = {},
  3. Insert the following 2 lines at the desired place of your bibliography

    cite is the reference to the created cites.bib

  4. cite it somewhere
    \cite[see cb0's Blog]{bibAndTex}
  5. Save all changes
  6. set Latex
  7. set BibTeX
    output should start with sth. like this
  8. 2 times step 6 for correct numbering of all cites
  9. look at the results
    the cite in the text

    the cite in the bibliography
  10. enjoy

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