LE Mensa

This week I released my first OS X Dashboard Widget.
It’s called ‘LE Mensa’ and it displays all menues for all cafeterias in Leipzig, which are part of the student union.
If you want to give it a try then visit the project page: http://stinfwww.informatik.uni-leipzig.de/~mai03fln/leMensa/
Today I updated it to version 0.15 !!

It works this way:
1. I wrote a python script which extracts information from the student union homepage and transform it into xml.
2. A .php script can call this .py script and give back those infos.
3. The widget was written in Dashcode with jQuery as an additional package. So it’s mainly javascript, some html and css. The widget now calls this php script, retrieves the xml and displays it in a (hopefully) pretty way.

This is how it looks:
Front View

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