what’s 0xcb0

someting about the title of this page:

In former times I used to call myself ‘crossbone’  when gambling around playing violent online games. After the years I grew and got tired of typing so much so ‘cbo’ would be better. After some more years as some kind of tribute to the good old irc times 😉 I changed the ‘o’ to ‘0’. Cr0ssB0ne or CrossBone Zero or better cb0

what’s 0xcb0 ?¿

‘0x’ means ‘zero times’ like 0×100=0
so you could say it’s sth. like zero times crossbone zero, or you could say it’s just 0 (zero).
unfortunately I wasn’t able to name my blog 0.com or even 0000.com.

I hope that’s enough explanation right now, …

For those who worry about the sense of this name I only have to say: Don’t waste your time thinking about such nonsense, there are more important things.

[EDIT] I know, this IS nonsense.

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