recover zip password under os x

Marc Lehmann has written a zip Password cracker similar to fzc or zipcrack. It can be used to either bruteforce or try a dictionaty attack on a password protected file.
It’s called fcrackzip and can be found here.
Just follow the instruction given in the Readmefile and compile it. This work’s great for me under 10.5.6 as long as you have X Code installed.

Here’s how I use it:

fcrackzip -b -c aA1 -l 6-8 -v -u

-b : bruteforce the password
-c : use the following character classes for cracking:

a    use all lowercase character
A   use all uppercase character
1    use all digits

-l 6-8 : Try passwords between 6 to 8 characters in length
-v be more verbose (this will print out the actual used password)
-u : Try to decompress first file in with the generated password.

And when the output starts with ‘PASSWORD FOUND!!!!: pw ==’, I’m happy.

For more command line options see the project page under