apache performance/DoS bash test

just had to download a bunch of files from a webpage. So I wrote a little script which does this for me:


for i in $(lynx -dump -listonly -auth=USER:PASS-ag “http://…….” | grep “http”); do
x=$(echo $i | grep “^http”);
if [ ${#x} -gt 0 ]; then
    wget ${i/http:\/\//http:\/\/USER:PASS@} -O ${i:60:8}
fi; done

maybe not the best but it works.
Using my new favorite I replace the fourth line with

    echo “wget ${i/http:\/\//http:\/\/USER:PASS@} -O ${i:60:8} &” | /bin/bash
resulting in a high speed download but after aprox. 150 files download just stopped
? whats happening, sometinhg wrong in my script, where is the error …..