iPhone 3GS jailbreak with purpler**n under os x 10.6 build 10A394

Today I had the chance to see and feel the speed of the new iPhone 3GS.
It’s awesome I think.

The guy that own’s this nice piece of technology want to jailbreak it. So we tried the new Tool called ‘purpler**n’.
My biggest concern was that the tool woudn’t work because that guys MacBook
is running 10.6 10A394. He told me that there are a lot of applications that still
does not work under SnowLeaopard. So let’s try…

1. download purpler**n

2. start it and see … it works fine

3. Click the button and wait till iPhone restarts

4. open the “Freeze” app on your iPhone

5. click Download Cydia

6. wait until “Download, Unpakced, Cleaned” and finally “Finished!” appears on your screen

7. restart your iPhone and enjoy Cydia

Note: we didn’t need to unlock the sim card.